Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Moooo, my website gets a new design

For the last two weeks I’ve been redesigning my personal website. And it's now available on! If you’ve already seen it before, you know it definitively needed a new design. Have fun to compare: a screenshot is still available at

The design spotlights the Alps, where I was born. Reblochon is a traditional cheese, often baked with potatoes and cream to prepare Tartiflette. The brown cow represents the Tarine race, the pandemic cow from the Tarentaise valley, whose milk produces awesome cheese such as the Beaufort cheese. The black quads are slate boards used to serve cheese, over a picnic plaid. I admit slate is no tradition in my region, but I like it anyway.

I’m especially proud to have created the graphical design, provided that I am bad at that! I learned to inspire from other modern sites and to carefully understand where their strengths are. Eventually my cousin provided me a lot of good advice and I deeply thank him.

I also want to be more active on the social networks. Therefore this blog has got a quick redesign too! I hope to take more time to share analyses on game design and media art. Maybe I will continue on my French blog as well.

But the most important is by far to produce games again! By the way, you can access a hidden game by clicking on the central cheese, or with this url: It would be so funny if it were an actual Alpine tradition!

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